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About Us


Global Gemological Laboratory is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier scientific gemological laboratories. We have been providing diamond, colored gemstone and jewelry certificates and appraisals to the jewelry trade and individuals throughout the United States and abroad for the past 17 years.


We had a pleasure to work with some of these fine companies: Baguette World, Fred Meyer, Greenberg's Jewelers, Hurst Jewelers, Jared, Kay Jewelers, Morgan Jewelers, Oved, North American Jewelers, Reeds, Sam's Club, Uni Creation, Waldman Diamond Co., Yehuda Diamond Co. and many others.


With state of the art gemological equipment and a staff of distinguished gemologists and appraisers, GGL is establishing elite standards in the world of gemological certificates and appraisals. Our turnaround time is generally 1-3 business days of receipt. We strive to provide our clients with quality service and trusted results they can depend on.